Monday, November 27, 2006

Hounded to post!

Albeit hounded by only 1 person! I'm back - normally I post on waking night shifts, but as I am no longer doing them I keep forgetting to come back and update the world of nettiness about, well, anything.

The pregnancy is going very well - I am now 35 weeks, so only 5 weeks to go! It seems everyone and his wife is of the opinion that all "first-timers" are late, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Why do people feel the need to say that, anyway?! It seems that they also need to comment on whether it is a boy or girl according to the old wives tale of what the bump looks like!

I've got 8 days left at work, and it can't go quick enough. Counting down until my last shift on the 3rd of December! Unless anything happens before Christmas, we should hopefully have a nice quiet one - it'll be the last for a long while, anyway!

So, that's me for now. I'll attempt to start posting from home soon!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Too many sweets

I bought loads of sweets for the hoards of kids I was expecting to descend on us on Halloween, and none turned up! So I have brought them to work, and I'm attempting to dish them out here so that hubby's teeth don't continue to fall out.

On a sadder note, it was my Aunt's funeral on Wednesday - very sad. She was only 73 and will be very dearly missed by all. I'm glad I went, but it meant a 4 hour journey there on Tuesday and a 4 hour journey back again on the Wednesday evening. Thankfully I wasn't driving but I have had a real bad crick in my neck since - feels better today.

The bump is slowly expanding - I had a few comments yesterday that I actually look a but bigger now. But apparently I still don't look pregnant from the back! I'm certainly feeling bigger, and the baby has got a lot less room to move, judging by what I get stuck out the sides of my belly and up into my ribs. Only 4 weeks left at work, and 8 until my due date... although technically I could have her any time after 37 weeks, which is in 5 weeks time! Aarrghh!!

Hubby has been busy sanding the nursery paintwork, and I popped into Homebase today to pick up the paint we wanted, so hopefully we should be able to have a good go at finishing it over the weekend. There is a wall vent in the room which has been taped up for ages - hubby untaped it to sand it down, and I can't believe how much of a draft comes through it! It's made the whole of the upstairs of the house really cold. So, the plan is to Plug it and Paint it! Horrible cold weather...