Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baby stuff and other things

Imaginative title, I know, but I'm not really in an imaginative mood.

I have been requested to come back and post, so here I am! I feel like I've come to a bit of a plateau with this pregnancy. I haven't got any bigger recently, and still getting the comments about how small I am, which STILL piss me off. I have an appointment with the midwife on wednesday, so hopefully she can reassure me everything is ok. I'm still getting a lot of movement, so that's good.

I wanted to get a 4D scan done, but my hubby has said he thinks it's a stupid idea, and a waste of money, and I can't be bothered to argue with him.

Unfortunately I'm not in a very good mood tonight so I'm not at full thinking capacity of witty and inciteful thing to say - maybe they'll appear next time! I was fine until I got to work, then a staff memeber asked me to fill in a questionnaire about them as part of some work they were doing. I was reluctant, and said as much to the manager that I was taking over from. In fact, I said I really didn't want to do it. This other manager then said she thought I was really unprofessional for not wanting to fill it in as I was a manager. Unprofessional! It really upset me, and was quite hurtful. I went on to explain that I felt put on the spot with this kind of exercise as you were under pressure to say better things about the person than you wanted to. She was so snotty about it, I just wanted to leave!

She then acted like nothing had happened, and it has left me in a grump ever since. Is it fair to call me unprofessional for expressing the opinion that I didn't like filling in questionnaires about people? Hmmm.

Anyway, enough waffle. I need to eat and cheer up, then maybe I'll post more happy things next time.

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