Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big news!

For those of you who don't already know, and this is most probably everyone who reads this blog, then I have some big news.

1) I'm married now, so call me Mrs!

2) I'm 4 months pregnant!

I thought I would write an update of everything that has been happening, but those are the 2 largest pieces of news I had to impart.

So, I'm an honest woman now. Or at least my husband has attemped to make me one! The baby is due December 30th, but we'll see if it's an '06 baby or an '07 baby. Could be a Christmas baby! I managed to keep my morning sickness confined to the honeymoon, and was only actually sick once, which is a bonus (in a Denny's restroom, of all places). It was just annoying spending 2 weeks in Florida (yes, we did Disney...) and feeling queasy until I ate something. Normally attempting a buffet breakfast in Ponderosa, and not managing much!

I've had one scan, and got the picture framed at home as it is so clear. If I remember, then I put it up on here for you all to see. I can't believe (make that *we* can't believe) that there is a little person growing inside me. Apparently 5 inches from head to bottom at the moment, and planning on doubling it's size and weight in the next 3 weeks! I've got a little podgy belly, but my annoying husband said today, when we tried to take a "baby belly" photo, that I didn't look pregnant, just fat! Surely grounds for divorce, don't you think?

So, I will attempt to keep things updated a little more on here, and keep a kind of pregnancy diary.

It's nice to be back in the ether!