Saturday, December 10, 2005

A long time coming

I thought, seeing as I haven't posted in ages, and have just been reading other people's blogs, I should get on and provide a little reading material here, even if it's only for 2 people (including myself!).

Christmas is coming and I haven't bought a single thing. I think I have agreed with F that we minimalise the presents this year and buy for parents only, as it got stupid last year with the amount we spent. Seeing as we should be buying stuff for the wedding, it doesn't make sense to shell it all out again on things that people probably don't want, anyway. Money is tight, but I don't think that is going to change any time soon.

I'm in the process of applying to study Social Work as a masters at the moment, but I'm stuck on getting someone to be a reference. Unfortunately, the person who is willing to do it doesn't like computers too much, and these days there are no paper forms - oh, for the days of photocopying your original UCAS form a zillion times so you could practise before filing out the real thing! For anyone who isn't British, UCAS is the system we use to apply to Universities etc. for further and higher education. I can't be bothered to explain further than that! Suffice to say that it is a long-winded process. Cross fingers for me that I get on the course!

Hopefully I have won a prize for some of my shooting skill at my rifle club tonight - although, it was for shooting 5 tiny clay animals in a team of 3, without altering the sights or getting any practise shots! I'll find out if my prowess won out on Sunday :)

I've been a little nostalgic at work tonight, making paper chains in red and green paper to add a little colour to the hall here. This time, I used tape, and didn't have to lick'n'stick those pre-gummed ones I always used to have to use as a kid. No more envelope mouth! With all the lights and trees, etc. up here, it almost looks pretty.

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