Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm back! I've just been busy of late, and trying not to shut myself away at work too much, so that all means I've not so much time to sit and prattle to cyberspace. I was amazed to see that I was missed! Very sweet :) I'll try to keep up the posting, promise.

It's been pretty hectic recently. I've pretty much no money at the moment, and F was screwed on his last paycheck, so we're really paying for that at the moment as all the bills are piling up. Also, my car has a nail in a tyre, and I have lost the locking wheel nut key, meaning I have to get all the nuts broken off, and buy a new set, just to change a tyre! More money...

F has been very sweet and brave (for him) and decided to sell a lot of the stuff he has collected, plus his motorbike, just so we can have some money. I'm working loads, so I'm really tired all the time, and he hates his job! Great fun.

We've also got a friend staying with us for a while whilst he sorts his head out (splitting up with gf and selling house), but he very kindly stocked up the kitchen cupboards last night as his contribution to staying :) It was sorely needed, I tell you. I had some cheese, oranges, lemons, 2 yoghurts, lettuce and pickles in my fridge. Not a huge amount to eat!

I've been trying to remortgage the house, but there is something on my credit file that is stopping me from doing it, so that is a pain too. We could free up some capital if I could do it!

Anyway, just a quick burst of news. I'll try to change my template at some point, so that the posts are normal again!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Don't know why, but my posts have all shifted down since I put in my new timer (see above!). Any ideas?!