Monday, June 20, 2005

OK, what a crappy morning this morning turned out to be, in a topsy-turvy turn of events. I'll give a brief bit of background...

I was supposed to supervise a certain staff member (I'll call her D) as there have been a few issues surrounding her that needed dealing with, including a client complaint. I had planned to do the supervision a couple of times, and was never able to fit it in. I then was pulled aside by my manager, who told me I need to do this supervision ASAP due to the complaint that had been made (not serious, but needed dealing with, all the same). I planned another time, and agreed it with both my manager and D, as it meant that I had to come in on my day off to do it. I later came to realise that I couldn't make the appointment due to other work commitments, so had to talk to my manager again about other solutions. We eventually agreed that I would catch up with D when I finished my shift, and she started hers after my night. This was last night. Sounds like a bit of a logistical nightmare, right?

OK, bearing that in mind, I had spoken to a coworker about another staff member (I'll call her A) who seemed sleepy on nights, and could have been sleeping on the job. I was asked to keep an eye on her during the night (last night), so I popped my head in the door to the room where the 2 staff members were sat. I saw A lying back in a reclining chair, a blanket wrapped around her, a newspaper on her lap, and her head to one side. This, surprisingly, looked to me like she was asleep.

I made some noise as I was going into the room, and she looked up. "Hmmm", I thought. Later on, I cornered the 2nd staff member (C), and asked her if A was sleeping. She said no, just had her eyes closed and was dozing (this is another point altogether - when is dozing not sleeping??), but wasn't sleeping. C then apparently mentioned in passing to A that I had asked if she was sleeping, and A got extremely confrontational, asking why I hadn't confronted her about it, and that I was very unprofessional. She also said she would be calling the manager later in the morning.

I assumed from this that she was going to make a complaint against me FOR DOING MY JOB, that I broke down in tears with the other manager (Who said "People make complaints against me all the time - don't worry about it!!"). We wrote down what had happened, in case it did ever come to anything, but on reflection I don't think it will - why would you get so confrontational about it if you weren't (or haven't in the past) sleeping?? So, that was great.

I then had to deal with the original staff member, D, in regards of the complaint, but in contrast she was so sweet about it, and it was an easy deal!

So, what I thought would be easy to monitor, and an innocent question, blew up in my face, and the seemingly challenging issue that has been making me very worried was the easiest thing of all to deal with! I am really not looking forward to seeing A again, but D I would face any day instead!

Sorry for the long post, but it had to be said!

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