Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sad news (for me at least!) - I have to give Ginger George back. There was a message at work that someone was missing him, so I did the honest thing and gave them a call - have to drop him back tomorrow night. I'm going to miss him! But I really won't miss all the pee and poo in the plant pots...

I've sold some bits on eBay recently after a bit of a clear out at my parent's place - gathering all of my childhood nostalgia items together for a great afternoon of reading and giggling! I managed to sell a model car (don't ask) for about £20, and a set of Spike Milligan books for £10, but I put an original 50s "easy readers" book (Alice in Wonderland) on there in pristine condition, and it went for the pricely sum of £2.20. I'm pretty sure it's worth more than that.

And that brings me to my moan - eBay. Is it taking the value out of EVERYTHING?! You have your carboots, your tabletop sales, eBay etc. etc. and you used to be able to have a hunt through and find a genuine bargain. But these day, everyone is an expert and is selling broken board games for £5 because they're "vintage", and everything is gradually losing it's value. Maybe I'm only moaning about this because I made less money than I thought I might... I don't know!

On a moaning note, why is it that when I send out an email to all the other managers here about making sure that they get all client money transactions double signed in the money folder because if we were audited we would get bollocked due to the complete lack of procedure being followed, that they decide that they will maybe read the email (I have no idea if they have or not), but decide that they really can't be bothered to follow my instructions? I have now (as instructed by my line manager) sent them all individual emails detailing the clients that they haven't had double signed and asking that they do this, and I have copied this to my manager. Am I missing something, or is getting a quick squiggle on a piece of paper you already have out too hard? We shall see.

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