Sunday, May 08, 2005

OK, I have recently rediscovered the "100 things about me" posts, so I feel like redoing mine, whipping that bad boy off the side bar there, and replacing him with a link to this list! Sounds like a plan for a less busy side bar, I hear you say, and you'd be right! OK, so here goes nothing...

100 things about ME.

1. I am 24.
2. I am female, but don't always feel completely feminine.
3. I am WAY too emotional sometimes.
4. I am lazy.
5. I tend to procrastinate.
6. I currently have red hair with some highlights.
7. I own 2 cats, and am fostering a 3rd.
8. I have piranhas, oscars, and assorted other tropical fish, including snails.
9. I shoot holes in bits of paper for a hobby.
10. I live in Devon, my lover.
11. I am daily frustrated by how little people care for the people they are supposed to care for.
12. I have a bad habit of picking at my upper arms.
13. I was once diagnosed with depression, and on meds for a year whilst at uni.
14. I don't keep in contact with any of my friends from uni.
15. I am getting married in May 2006!
16. I can waste many hours on a computer and the net.
17. I am extremely broody.
18. I know a secret about a cheater, but I can't tell the cheatee.
19. I smoke pot. A lot.
20. I don't like coffee, and have given up sugar in my tea.
21. I have irrational fear of all things creepy and crawly.
22. And the dark.
23. And people walking behind me.
24. And dying.
25. I am 5 ft 8.
26. I love wearing heels, but don't get to do it very often.
27. I work in a care home for physically disabled adults.
28. Some days I hate it, and some days I don't so much.
29. I have a degree in Psychology, and I'm not using it.
30. I have a great love for nearly all things musical.
31. And animal.
32. I confess that I see cruelty to animals as worse than cruelty to people.
33. I will never give blood.
34. I have no appendix.
35. My feet are size 8 (UK).
36. I enjoy reading, but don't do enough of it.
37. I love car boot sales, but never find anything I want to buy.
38. I used to have my tongue pierced but took it out after a year.
39. I have a tattoo of a black widow spider on my right shoulder blade.
40. I don't like spiders.
41. I love my tattoo.
42. I used to wish that I had glasses.
43. Or a brace.
44. I have since concluded that I am very thankful to have both good teeth and eyes.
45. I always spend more than I earn.
46. I can't eat spicy food.
47. I hate the word "pack"...
48. I wear a watch worth £750 to a job where I have to clean up bodily fluids sometimes.
49. I hate being on the pill, and frequently forget to take it.
50. I'm not sure there are 100 things to tell about me.
51. I have a published book dedicated to me.
52. My house is always cluttered and messy.
54. My home-made cookies are to die for.
55. I am a part-time Christian.
56. I have cheated, but not on my fiance.
57. I wish I had paid more attention as a child.
58. My parents are getting divorced.
59. Sometimes I have weird and mental thoughts that I would like to experience different mental illnesses just to see what they are like.
60. Maybe that is a mental illness of it's own...
61. My custard is always lumpy.
62. I am voyeuristic by nature, but not sexually.
63. I would love to be keen to exercise, but I'm not.
64. I wish I was more popular.
65. I don't get invited to much.
66. I still love my student drink of Snakebite and Black. A lot of bars won't serve it.
67. I haven't tried many spirits.
68. I don't like coconut.
69. Or mushrooms.
70. I can't touch my nails to frosted glass as it sets my teeth on edge.
71. I am the guarantor in my Dad's will.
72. I want to be buried when I die, and not cremated.
73. But I'd rather not die at all.
74. I love the smell of my fiance's breath.
75. I love finding out that someone finds me attractive, but I'm also extremely embarrassed and would never act on it.
76. I have one filling.
77. I have blue eyes.
78. To get my fix of babies, I watch baby and midwife programmes in the day.
79. I lost a baby 2 years ago.
80. To this day that kills me inside, but not many people who know me know that.
81. I sometimes think I am a bad person.
82. I am not very tactile - only with my fiance.
83. I love 80s kids cartoons and shows.
84. I have a bad memory.
85. I miss singing as part of a choir like I would miss a limb being removed.
86. Smoking has fucked up my voice.
87. But I still say I am a non-smoker as a technicality due to the fact that I have never smoked straight tobacco...
88. I would love to do magic shrooms again.
89. I get on much better with men than with women.
90. Women, on the whole, intimidate me.
91. I also get intimidated by children.
92. And embarrassed talking to men.
93. I think I'm a bit of a freak!
94. My partner doesn't know about this blog.
95. I have bad days where I get quite paranoid about my partner.
96. I would like to be more motivated and productive, but I am too lazy.
97. But not too lazy to write this list, which is on work time.
98. I really hate working nights as it fucks up my body clock.
99. I wish I saw more of my family.
100. I love my fiance with my whole heart, body and soul.
(101. There are 100 things about me!)

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