Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm at work, visiting a client before he settles down for bed, and when I walk away I hear "BASTARD!!!" in what sounds like a very heartfelt manner being yelled from the room next door. Not entirely sure what to make of that, but then that client (we'll call him Angry ABI) does like (probably not the right word, but never mind!) to shout at people moving chairs, not speaking loudly enough, making what he deems to be "stupid" comments etc. etc. and you will always be treated to a selection of his "angry" vocabularly e.g. "Stupid fucking bitch" muttered under the breath after a comment made by a carer that it was a nice day, or some such mundanity.

So you see why I was, and wasn't, bothered. He was most likely yelling at a newscaster on the TV... but maybe he was just having a good shout!!

I have a lot of work to do tonight, so I really ought to get up and do some. Well, I say it's a lot, but it's not really. I just hate having to do things on a night duty that involve me using my brain.

Talking of using my brain, I had a good sort through my parent's loft yesterday and came away with 2 boxes of nostalgia items (and a few for eBay!). I had a bag of letters from an ex, both from before and during the relationship (interesting reading), some old drawings which were quite cute and amusing (myself and my mother both thought I had drawn a psychodelic mushroom, but we soon realised that it was actually a boat and we had it upside down. Shame!), and nearly all my old school reports.

I sat and had a great read of those earlier today, and it made me wonder why I either couldn't or didn't want to take on board the teachers comments, which seem very full of praise when reading back now, up to 13 years on. My own writing was very self-deprecating, and I noticed a running theme of "I need to improve my confidence and speaking up in class". Unfortunately the same still applies now, and I need to improve my confidence and speaking up in front of twats and bitches at work. I think I need to move on...

It's a shame that I didn't ever push myself more in school as I think I could have done so much better. I remember hating PE, for example, but reading back in my reports, I always wrote that enjoyed it for the most part. But now, I am a lazy bitch, and almost always detest doing any physical work. But it is no use regretting these things now unless I am willing to change them.

The cat has settled in a little better now, and was cutely sitting on my chest while I (sadly) watched Ready Steady Cook. Still some hissing and growling between all parties, but less physical alterations! One more week for him in "bedroom prison", and he can be set free to roam the back garden. I hope that no one is crying for this cat as that would break my heart to think that I had stolen him from someone, albeit with the greatest of intentions.

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