Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In response to Rednaked Woman, here are the answers to my interview:

1. What/who is the longest friendship you have ever maintained?

I don't tend to keep very close friends, but my oldest friendship goes back to 6 days after I was born, and she is now going to be a bridesmaid at my wedding.

2. What do you love most about your job? Hate the most?

Hmmm. The love part is hard, so I'll start with the hate. I hate the fact that although the carers here know that they are essentially working in someones "home", they act like the clients are priveliged to have them around, and certainly don't act like carers! There is a huge apathy here at the moment, which is hard to break people out of. I love the fact that I get to spend a lot of time on the computer/internet. Not a great plus point to the job!

3. Do you think you’re more like your mom or dad and why?

I am actually a big combination of the 2 together, but I suppose I am more like my Mum. I see a lot of attributes in myself that I don't like, and then I realise that I also see them in my Mum. I don't think I want to end up like her, sadly.

4. Where would you go and what would you do on your dream vacation?

This is a hard one. I would go anywhere! No, somewhere where I can can all-inc, cold drinks, hot (but not too hot) sun, sand, sea, with my partner, being able to just relax and not worry that my fish have died (yes, happened when I last went away), or the house has fallen down (no, didn't happen!), or getting a call from work. That would be nice!

5. You have said “Women, on the whole, intimidate me”. Specifically what intimidates you and why?

I feel like I am not feminine enough to compete, and often feel frumpy/dowdy, fat, awkward, badly dressed etc. next to others. I know this is awful self-imagery, and I need to improve it, but what's a girl to do? I think it all stems from being the tall, awkward and clumsy girl at school, who didn't really get any interest from boys until I was 18, and then it was from 2 who I suppose were "geeks". I get very insecure very easily - I don't often get invited to places, but see others getting invited, and can never figure out why it's not me! How sad did all that sound... but you did ask!

OK, the instructions for this interview are as follows:

Blog-A-Thon Instructions:Here’s how it works:Leave a comment saying "interview me" if you’d like to be interviewed. I’ll respond by asking you 5 questions here. They’ll be different than those above. Update your blog with your answers to the questions. When you do so, include this same explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same manner. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you’ll ask them five new questions.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ooh ooh ooh! Just realised that I hadn't mentioned the big invite to the reopening of other half's pub/restaurant which burnt down. Has been refurbed (not quite finished yet), and sig. others have all been invited to partake of some free food and champers next Saturday! Lovely lovely :) I shall enjoy that most thoroughly!

Apparently it will be "lovingly prepared" by "the team"... I did ask how much love would be in my food, and got the following comment:

"Give me 15 minutes between courses, and you never know how much you're gonna get!"

Sadly, Ginger George has now been returned to his rightful owners, and left me with not an insubstantial hole in my heart :( They were very very pleased to see him, and so grateful that we had returned him as they thought that after a month of being missing, he had been run over. I cried all the time I was there! He is a gorgeous little cat, and I will always keep a special place in my heart for him, alongside my 2 current lovelies. God, I am such a softie. But I miss him!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sad news (for me at least!) - I have to give Ginger George back. There was a message at work that someone was missing him, so I did the honest thing and gave them a call - have to drop him back tomorrow night. I'm going to miss him! But I really won't miss all the pee and poo in the plant pots...

I've sold some bits on eBay recently after a bit of a clear out at my parent's place - gathering all of my childhood nostalgia items together for a great afternoon of reading and giggling! I managed to sell a model car (don't ask) for about £20, and a set of Spike Milligan books for £10, but I put an original 50s "easy readers" book (Alice in Wonderland) on there in pristine condition, and it went for the pricely sum of £2.20. I'm pretty sure it's worth more than that.

And that brings me to my moan - eBay. Is it taking the value out of EVERYTHING?! You have your carboots, your tabletop sales, eBay etc. etc. and you used to be able to have a hunt through and find a genuine bargain. But these day, everyone is an expert and is selling broken board games for £5 because they're "vintage", and everything is gradually losing it's value. Maybe I'm only moaning about this because I made less money than I thought I might... I don't know!

On a moaning note, why is it that when I send out an email to all the other managers here about making sure that they get all client money transactions double signed in the money folder because if we were audited we would get bollocked due to the complete lack of procedure being followed, that they decide that they will maybe read the email (I have no idea if they have or not), but decide that they really can't be bothered to follow my instructions? I have now (as instructed by my line manager) sent them all individual emails detailing the clients that they haven't had double signed and asking that they do this, and I have copied this to my manager. Am I missing something, or is getting a quick squiggle on a piece of paper you already have out too hard? We shall see.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

OK, I have recently rediscovered the "100 things about me" posts, so I feel like redoing mine, whipping that bad boy off the side bar there, and replacing him with a link to this list! Sounds like a plan for a less busy side bar, I hear you say, and you'd be right! OK, so here goes nothing...

100 things about ME.

1. I am 24.
2. I am female, but don't always feel completely feminine.
3. I am WAY too emotional sometimes.
4. I am lazy.
5. I tend to procrastinate.
6. I currently have red hair with some highlights.
7. I own 2 cats, and am fostering a 3rd.
8. I have piranhas, oscars, and assorted other tropical fish, including snails.
9. I shoot holes in bits of paper for a hobby.
10. I live in Devon, my lover.
11. I am daily frustrated by how little people care for the people they are supposed to care for.
12. I have a bad habit of picking at my upper arms.
13. I was once diagnosed with depression, and on meds for a year whilst at uni.
14. I don't keep in contact with any of my friends from uni.
15. I am getting married in May 2006!
16. I can waste many hours on a computer and the net.
17. I am extremely broody.
18. I know a secret about a cheater, but I can't tell the cheatee.
19. I smoke pot. A lot.
20. I don't like coffee, and have given up sugar in my tea.
21. I have irrational fear of all things creepy and crawly.
22. And the dark.
23. And people walking behind me.
24. And dying.
25. I am 5 ft 8.
26. I love wearing heels, but don't get to do it very often.
27. I work in a care home for physically disabled adults.
28. Some days I hate it, and some days I don't so much.
29. I have a degree in Psychology, and I'm not using it.
30. I have a great love for nearly all things musical.
31. And animal.
32. I confess that I see cruelty to animals as worse than cruelty to people.
33. I will never give blood.
34. I have no appendix.
35. My feet are size 8 (UK).
36. I enjoy reading, but don't do enough of it.
37. I love car boot sales, but never find anything I want to buy.
38. I used to have my tongue pierced but took it out after a year.
39. I have a tattoo of a black widow spider on my right shoulder blade.
40. I don't like spiders.
41. I love my tattoo.
42. I used to wish that I had glasses.
43. Or a brace.
44. I have since concluded that I am very thankful to have both good teeth and eyes.
45. I always spend more than I earn.
46. I can't eat spicy food.
47. I hate the word "pack"...
48. I wear a watch worth £750 to a job where I have to clean up bodily fluids sometimes.
49. I hate being on the pill, and frequently forget to take it.
50. I'm not sure there are 100 things to tell about me.
51. I have a published book dedicated to me.
52. My house is always cluttered and messy.
54. My home-made cookies are to die for.
55. I am a part-time Christian.
56. I have cheated, but not on my fiance.
57. I wish I had paid more attention as a child.
58. My parents are getting divorced.
59. Sometimes I have weird and mental thoughts that I would like to experience different mental illnesses just to see what they are like.
60. Maybe that is a mental illness of it's own...
61. My custard is always lumpy.
62. I am voyeuristic by nature, but not sexually.
63. I would love to be keen to exercise, but I'm not.
64. I wish I was more popular.
65. I don't get invited to much.
66. I still love my student drink of Snakebite and Black. A lot of bars won't serve it.
67. I haven't tried many spirits.
68. I don't like coconut.
69. Or mushrooms.
70. I can't touch my nails to frosted glass as it sets my teeth on edge.
71. I am the guarantor in my Dad's will.
72. I want to be buried when I die, and not cremated.
73. But I'd rather not die at all.
74. I love the smell of my fiance's breath.
75. I love finding out that someone finds me attractive, but I'm also extremely embarrassed and would never act on it.
76. I have one filling.
77. I have blue eyes.
78. To get my fix of babies, I watch baby and midwife programmes in the day.
79. I lost a baby 2 years ago.
80. To this day that kills me inside, but not many people who know me know that.
81. I sometimes think I am a bad person.
82. I am not very tactile - only with my fiance.
83. I love 80s kids cartoons and shows.
84. I have a bad memory.
85. I miss singing as part of a choir like I would miss a limb being removed.
86. Smoking has fucked up my voice.
87. But I still say I am a non-smoker as a technicality due to the fact that I have never smoked straight tobacco...
88. I would love to do magic shrooms again.
89. I get on much better with men than with women.
90. Women, on the whole, intimidate me.
91. I also get intimidated by children.
92. And embarrassed talking to men.
93. I think I'm a bit of a freak!
94. My partner doesn't know about this blog.
95. I have bad days where I get quite paranoid about my partner.
96. I would like to be more motivated and productive, but I am too lazy.
97. But not too lazy to write this list, which is on work time.
98. I really hate working nights as it fucks up my body clock.
99. I wish I saw more of my family.
100. I love my fiance with my whole heart, body and soul.
(101. There are 100 things about me!)
Hah! Who'da guessed it!

You're Lolita!

by Vladimir Nabokov

Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with
sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every
way, though you admit that this probably isn't the best and you're not sure what causes
this desire. Nonetheless, you've done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and
probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real.
Please stay away from children.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

My list of things to do this afternoon (client's names have been altered!):

  • William - olive oil in blocked ear
  • Buy Daniel cigarettes
  • Pay aromatherapy monies
  • Re-type month end finance sheets
  • Meet with Joe
  • Email Elaine re NVQs/supervisees
  • Get Daniel to elevate legs in the afternoon and at night
  • Encourage fluids with Emma, and give 2 x docusate for bowels
  • Re-type dates for bank holiday working
  • Send email re Joe's electric chair not working
  • Send email to all manager's re their complete lack of being able to get money transactions double signed, and the consequences if we were audited and I hadn't gone through and done it on their behalf...
  • Re-type social lists, keyworker lists and bath date lists
  • Compile info on assertiveness training.

And that is just the extra stuff I have to do over the weekend! I know it looks like a lot, but it's not too bad - just stuff I have been avoiding, really! I'll try and cross things off as I get to them...

I'm getting there!

I have been recieving a lot of spam recently, most of it centred around "You have been selected for the lowest mortgage rate!". I decided that I have had enough of these, so I wrote them back! I know that I will now most likely get one million more emails, but it certainly made me feel better at the time...! This is the reply that I send:

Look, you have sent me about 5000000000000000000000000000 emails about
stupid mortgage rates in AMERICAN DOLLARS. I am NOT American. I am
CERTAINLY not interested in your "lowest rates" that I have been
supposedly approved for. If you continue to bombard my email address
with junk, then I will be forced to put all of the email addresses I
receive shitty stupid email from on the internet and encourage others
to spam YOU. You have been warned.

FUCK OFF. Please!
I have just received this email from one Estella Meeks, and at first I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. It seems to be a spam email, but it is written more in the style of a student email?! Very odd, and very disjointed, but worth a read!

Now presenting:
You know you've allways wanted it - watchees: elegent, fancy, impressive repliccas!
You can impress you're lady/man with:
roleex (including vip roleex), carttier, braitling, bulgari and much much more...
The bast brand s in the world!
Just naame it - We got it :)

hmmmmm i just can't wait :)

shauna hi best buddy in the whole wide world! its ur favorite bffl me!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.
overall a pretty empty common room and an hour before i have to leave for class with little else to do except post.
hey! cute neices nephews ya got there! thanks alot for stopping by my web site and signing my guestbook and by the way i live in michigan too!
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count the royals among the interested parties if the angels choose to part with suspended outfielder.
concentration is the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary.
white feminist women openly degrade foreign women by calling them whores property submissive etc all because foreign women dare to date and m arry american and western european men.
chris me again i just checked and it s under journal privacy hope that helps have a good day!
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for more detailed information check my homepage measurements done with a g-tech currently averaged out of three runs.
guy where are you? i am in the lab look up are you using benji s computer? guy.
jas i havent been here in a while good job i hope that things are going well at college have a fun christmas break.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm at work, visiting a client before he settles down for bed, and when I walk away I hear "BASTARD!!!" in what sounds like a very heartfelt manner being yelled from the room next door. Not entirely sure what to make of that, but then that client (we'll call him Angry ABI) does like (probably not the right word, but never mind!) to shout at people moving chairs, not speaking loudly enough, making what he deems to be "stupid" comments etc. etc. and you will always be treated to a selection of his "angry" vocabularly e.g. "Stupid fucking bitch" muttered under the breath after a comment made by a carer that it was a nice day, or some such mundanity.

So you see why I was, and wasn't, bothered. He was most likely yelling at a newscaster on the TV... but maybe he was just having a good shout!!

I have a lot of work to do tonight, so I really ought to get up and do some. Well, I say it's a lot, but it's not really. I just hate having to do things on a night duty that involve me using my brain.

Talking of using my brain, I had a good sort through my parent's loft yesterday and came away with 2 boxes of nostalgia items (and a few for eBay!). I had a bag of letters from an ex, both from before and during the relationship (interesting reading), some old drawings which were quite cute and amusing (myself and my mother both thought I had drawn a psychodelic mushroom, but we soon realised that it was actually a boat and we had it upside down. Shame!), and nearly all my old school reports.

I sat and had a great read of those earlier today, and it made me wonder why I either couldn't or didn't want to take on board the teachers comments, which seem very full of praise when reading back now, up to 13 years on. My own writing was very self-deprecating, and I noticed a running theme of "I need to improve my confidence and speaking up in class". Unfortunately the same still applies now, and I need to improve my confidence and speaking up in front of twats and bitches at work. I think I need to move on...

It's a shame that I didn't ever push myself more in school as I think I could have done so much better. I remember hating PE, for example, but reading back in my reports, I always wrote that enjoyed it for the most part. But now, I am a lazy bitch, and almost always detest doing any physical work. But it is no use regretting these things now unless I am willing to change them.

The cat has settled in a little better now, and was cutely sitting on my chest while I (sadly) watched Ready Steady Cook. Still some hissing and growling between all parties, but less physical alterations! One more week for him in "bedroom prison", and he can be set free to roam the back garden. I hope that no one is crying for this cat as that would break my heart to think that I had stolen him from someone, albeit with the greatest of intentions.

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