Saturday, April 30, 2005

OK, this is freaky. It's 3 Nazi SS soldiers (were they called soldiers?), with a kitten, on a blanket, with a flower. And a fucking hand grenade!! God, I love finding stuff like this on the net, then I get all freaked out that Nazi's posed a kitten with a hand grenade!

Talking of kittens, one turned up at work the other day, meowing a lot, and looking very thin, so softarse that I am, I took him home and put him in with my other 2 cats. It was shortly after, when my 2 cats had taken offence (if they could talk, I probably would have had to wash their mouths out with soap - but evil looks sufficed) and I had gotten around to reading my book on cat psychology, that I realised maybe just lumping all 3 cats together isn't the best idea I've ever had. So, I tell F that we need to keep them separate and introduce them slowly, and what does he say?

"I told you to do that yesterday!"

Cheeky shite.

He was also very cute, and said that he had fallen in love with the new kitten/cat (he's about 1 year, probably less), and hoped nobody claimed him! Bless.

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