Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back to work after 2 weeks of dossing around doing nothing. Nightmare. We spent a week in Colchester sleeping on a very hard futon, but having a enjoyable time with family. I managed to be pretty ill on the last day there, having to spend the day in bed with a bad stomach!

My car is now finally fixed. The stupid exhaust slipped too low whilst we were away, and it sounded like it was being dragged along on a piece of string behind us a lot of the time, especially down the roman roads of Colchester. That was when we had all of our luggage, a load of fishing gear, plus all the extra things we had bought, AND 5 packs of tiles in the car... but it shouldn't have scraped the ground that much! I took it to the garage who had done the work originally, and they said they would test it with 4 fat blokes. They fixed it all up with a new bracket for free, so that was nice. Well, not so nice as expected, really, after they had charged me £650 and still bolloxed it up!

The elections are coming up on May 5th, and I'm finding it hard to muster any real enthusiasm for them. All the parties are as bad as each other, but if you vote you have to vote for one of them, or spoil your vote. I know of someone who deliberatly spoils his vote as he dispises all the candidates, but they don't count the spoilt votes, which I really think they should. Why should we be forced to vote for "the best of a really bad bunch" when we could say we don't like the look of any of them, and would rather have the country run by the Queen again, or even by a sheep. Even a sheep could do a better job of running this country that Old Tony.

"What's that you say, Mr Sheep?"
"45 minutes, you say? Well I'll be darned!"

Mr Sheep for PM!

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