Saturday, April 30, 2005

I like this article about The Two Things. I'm having a hard time coming up with two things for anything at the moment, but my excuse is that it is 5am, and I don't wanna, godammit!
Check out this site, and click on "Bodybuilder". Does it seem to you that Jesus could be doing some dodgy pelvic action towards the bodybuilders?! Well, it did to me, and I'm sorry for blaspheming, but these things can't go unnoticed!

And if you really don't want to be insulted, then please don't visit this site. Ever.

I was quite amused with the title for this site: "Blessed are the Merciful. Go Vegetarian." But then I felt bad when I actually read some of the site. Sorry! Bad rabbit, slap my wrist.

Apologies for the Jesus bent, but there you go. It's 4.10am.
OK, this is freaky. It's 3 Nazi SS soldiers (were they called soldiers?), with a kitten, on a blanket, with a flower. And a fucking hand grenade!! God, I love finding stuff like this on the net, then I get all freaked out that Nazi's posed a kitten with a hand grenade!

Talking of kittens, one turned up at work the other day, meowing a lot, and looking very thin, so softarse that I am, I took him home and put him in with my other 2 cats. It was shortly after, when my 2 cats had taken offence (if they could talk, I probably would have had to wash their mouths out with soap - but evil looks sufficed) and I had gotten around to reading my book on cat psychology, that I realised maybe just lumping all 3 cats together isn't the best idea I've ever had. So, I tell F that we need to keep them separate and introduce them slowly, and what does he say?

"I told you to do that yesterday!"

Cheeky shite.

He was also very cute, and said that he had fallen in love with the new kitten/cat (he's about 1 year, probably less), and hoped nobody claimed him! Bless.
Quote of the day:
Do you really have to LOVE somebody to say, "Hey, why the hell is your mouth bleeding?"

Thanks to A legend among whispers on Query Letters I Love for the great comment!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I've just checked my visitor stat summary, and was intrigued to find that one of the people who ended up here at my blog actually searched with the term "rabbit pus picture". I am trying to imagine why anyone would feel the need to search for a rabbit pus picture. Maybe they are a vet in training? Or just a sick bastard! I suspect they were sorely disapointed with my site...

By the way, it's nice to know that I have had over 300 "unique" visitors to my blog in the last month, but no-one is leaving any comments at all! Please let me know that you exist, and I'll know to come back and ramble some more. Or not. Or you could just find me using a random search term...

If you want belly-laughs, then head over to "Query letters I love" on my link list on the right, and make sure you read the comments.

Chris - comment, please!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back to work after 2 weeks of dossing around doing nothing. Nightmare. We spent a week in Colchester sleeping on a very hard futon, but having a enjoyable time with family. I managed to be pretty ill on the last day there, having to spend the day in bed with a bad stomach!

My car is now finally fixed. The stupid exhaust slipped too low whilst we were away, and it sounded like it was being dragged along on a piece of string behind us a lot of the time, especially down the roman roads of Colchester. That was when we had all of our luggage, a load of fishing gear, plus all the extra things we had bought, AND 5 packs of tiles in the car... but it shouldn't have scraped the ground that much! I took it to the garage who had done the work originally, and they said they would test it with 4 fat blokes. They fixed it all up with a new bracket for free, so that was nice. Well, not so nice as expected, really, after they had charged me £650 and still bolloxed it up!

The elections are coming up on May 5th, and I'm finding it hard to muster any real enthusiasm for them. All the parties are as bad as each other, but if you vote you have to vote for one of them, or spoil your vote. I know of someone who deliberatly spoils his vote as he dispises all the candidates, but they don't count the spoilt votes, which I really think they should. Why should we be forced to vote for "the best of a really bad bunch" when we could say we don't like the look of any of them, and would rather have the country run by the Queen again, or even by a sheep. Even a sheep could do a better job of running this country that Old Tony.

"What's that you say, Mr Sheep?"
"45 minutes, you say? Well I'll be darned!"

Mr Sheep for PM!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

My computer has finally arrived! All of it!! I shall have a glowing blue, lovely fast pc tonight, and I think I shouldn't be this excited about it, but who cares?!

Got 2 weeks off work now, which is nice, but I've still got to prepare myself to drive all the way to Essex. Not sure how long it will take, but long enough!

I have a question - how do you get carers of the client's I work with to actually start caring? They all seem to think they are just here to get paid, and aren't interested in making the client's lives better, even though this is there own home. The carers always think they know better than professionals, and decide that they don't want to implement some programme as they don't think it will do any good. They are always going off for a cigarette break, or just sitting in the staff room. We wouldn't mind if they sat with the client's watching TV, as long as they were with the clients!!

Oh, it's becoming a nightmare, and I'm fed up of being dragged down by it all.

On a nicer note, I have my car back (but it did cost me the equivalent of the debt of a small 3rd world country)!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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It's been a while, I know! I lead a boring life, for the most part. It's a shame, because I wish I did have more friends - the type who contact you to go out, or just pop round for a cuppa, or call for a chat. I don't really have these friends, just the joint friends I have with F. Funnily enough, a couple of them have been round recently whilst F wasn't there, and we chatted, smoked, had a laugh, so maybe I do have some friends after all. I think people think I'm weird. I've always had that impression.

Should be getting my new computer tomorrow. It will arrive in pieces, but I know a lovely chappy who will put it all together for me. I think I'm not getting all of it tomorrow - there's some sort of delay at the warehouse end. Great. More hanging around.

Talking of hanging around - My car is in the garage for an MOT. A £650 MOT. Yes, you read right. It has been in since the 31st, and it is now the 6th, and they still haven't finished it! Too many nice things keep appearing that I want to buy, so I have to be very careful not to spend the money I've put aside for the dreaded garage, or I shall be in deep shite. It's those expensive rollbar bushes, you see. No, I don't either.

Going to Colchester on Friday, so shall hopefully see some old Uni friends (if the car is ready!!). I can't imagine we will have a huge amount to say to each other though, because they were the ones who thought F was a bad influence on me, and kinda shut me out of the CU, but that's by-the-by. I just want some friends!!

OK, I think that's enough of a pointless ramble for now. It's 4am, and I need to finish my work before I go home in 3.5 hours. Oh God. What a horrible thought, another 3.5 hours here.....