Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Where can I get a cheap holiday for 2 nights from Boxing day?! And by cheap, I mean about £1 per person, or thereabouts. All suggestions considered...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I wrote a really long blog the other day, then when I went to post it, it disappeared! I've been a little put off since, so that's my reason for a delay.

As you all know, I'm getting married in 18 months, and I'm really starting to see how difficult it could be. The money is one thing (one HUGE thing), but booking things, inviting people, arranging dresses and flowers. It's such a big undertaking! I'm not worried about pleasing other people, like many worry about, as this is mine and Finton's day so the rest of them can bugger off if they don't like it. I've sketched my dress, planned the cake, know which church and hopefully which reception location (a hotel right on the beach), I've met the vicar with Finton, and I've chosen my "entourage". Not sure what more I can do for the minute that doesn't involve money changing hands.

Still got loads to do in my house. It still isn't finished and it's starting to bug me now. There's no side panel on the bath, the bath itself isn't sealed around the edges, the shower has packed up, the toilet seat is loose (and I think it might be leaking slightly), and there's carpet adhesive all over the tiles on the floor! And that's just one room. Ah, well. After Christmas we can start saving up for the things we need, and hopefully get it all done. Oh, yes. I have no heating apart from an old portable gas heater in my front room! It's getting quite cold now...

OK, I think I should stop moaning now.

I've been playing my worship song CDs recently, after about a year of not listening to them. I just had a hankering to hear the songs again, and it reminds of the good times attending the youth church back at Uni. It's a shame we can't just grab a moment back from time and make it happen again.