Sunday, July 04, 2004

We've had some major trouble with the bathroom again recently. It began to smell like an open sewer, and if you've ever visited Exmouth here in the UK and walked along the Estuary whilst the tide is out, you'll be able to mentally smell that smell right now!

We discovered today that the guy who had plumbed in the toilet etc. had not actually done a very good job, to put it mildly. A pipe had come loose under the bath where we had boxed the whole thing in, and then soapy, scummy crap has been gathering under the bath since God knows when! And it smells bad. Well, at least it did until we mopped up a load of the water, and now it doesn't smell quite so bad.

Hopefully it will all dry out, otherwise we'll have to rip up the tiles and be completely back to square one. Yey.

On a lighter note, I have mangaged to give up working with a client I hated working with! Yey!

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