Friday, July 23, 2004

Remember that I said I took my DVD player into work on a quiet night recently? Well, when I arrived at work for a morning shift the other day, I was pulled aside and told in no uncertain terms not to it again as I was setting a bad example! A member of the "staff team" had mentioned that I had taken it in.... and I know exactly which pinickity little cow it was, too. I think she may feel a little threatened by me as she used to be the youngest officer, and now I am, at 23. Or maybe she's just a picky cow!!

Pipes are still broken in the bathroom. I have come to the decision that I hate bathrooms. Not for the functionality, oh no. I love the fact that I have a toilet, bath and shower - don't get me wrong. What I hate is the fact that I have to clean it! And it currently looks and absolute state as there is carpet adhesive all over the tiles, the side of the bath is missing, water keeps leaking under the bath, and a pipe is unattached under the sink! Great.

My time here is nearly up. Thank God! Only 2 hours to go, then I can go home to my nice snuggly warm bed. Mmmmmmmmmm.........

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