Friday, June 11, 2004

So. Stuck at work again, and hating every minute of it as usual. I haven't done a night in a while, seeing as I had a whole week (yes, a whole week!) off whilst family were here, and my body is not used to them yet. I have already dozed a little, so I really think I ought to get up and do some sort of work related activity.

Talking of family - you may recall me mentioning that part of the family that came to stay was a lively 1 year old baby girl. And what do babies of one year wear? Nappies. Or diapers. Whatever, and wherever. But anyway - once they had all gone home, Finton was clearing out some rubbish which meant that he had to check inside the large black wheelie bin we have in the back garden. On doing so, he promptly told me not to look in there as it was full of maggots. Yey.

Unfortunately, there weren't just maggots in the bin. They were under the bin too. And under the shed. And it was my job to try and kill them. 3 kettles of boiling water later, and I think most of them had croaked, with the rest wriggling merrily away in front of me. So I got out the hose, and proceeded to stand there for what felt like an hour, hosing those nasty things out from under the shed, and then out from the dip in front of the shed (that was not fun), and then into the outside drain. Maggots hide, so luckily I only have dead ones in my drain, and under my house. All the live ones are still under the shed. So, I shall look forward to the flies.

The moral of the story - use Terries nappies, like all the 80s kids out there.

My god, I am so tired.

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