Monday, June 21, 2004

I can now proudly announce that I am on the editing team for the new e-publishing house called Foot in the Door Press (see Chris's site for more info), and I also proudly display the title of Assistant Editor, which is wicked cool, as you guys across the pond might say.

I'm afraid that there's not much to report in the land of Helen. I've done 2 nights in a row (there's 3.5 hours left of this one), and when I get home tomorrow I am definitely not setting an alarm! I shall rely entirely on my body clock, which will still most likely get me up 6 or 7 hours after I go to sleep - it's so light at the moment.

Got the 3rd England game of the UEFA Euro 2004 championship cup at 7.45pm, playing Croatia. We only have to draw against them to get through to the next round, so cross fingers for us! I'll be watching it in next door's front garden (not in a creepy/stalkery kind of way, where I might peer through their window, but in an "all neighbours come round to watch the game together" kind of way!).

Going back to Foot in the Door, I've been thinking about doing some writing myself as I have always enjoyed it when I have (rarely) had the inspiration to jot something down. But then I remind myself that I have 3 qualifications currently on the go, and I really need to finish them sometime soon! I keep trying to make myself do work towards some of them during my night shifts, but it's too hard. Brain shuts down...

So, life goes on as usual, except with less money.

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