Wednesday, May 05, 2004

So, lots to post, but not sure if my mind can cope with it all. I didn't get any sleep before coming to work, and now I can't concentrate on anything, or even type properly.

Before I get into anything major, the reason I have a guestbook/map is so I can have a record of everyone who visits in one place, and not have to look all through old comments! That is in answer to kid b...


We decided to go camping over bank holiday weekend after I finished work Sunday morning, and when we got there the weather was fab. F was fishing, and I just laid by the edge of a reservoir, smoking lots of pot. And strangely, I liked it much more than smoking indoors. Weird.

We decided to build a fire, and F went off to chop down lots of wood with a small knife, gaining a large blister in the process! We made fire. And it was good. I like fire! We then cooked bacon on the fire, and had yummy bacon sarnies at around 2am :)

Anyway, after a really crappy, cold, uncomfortable night, we woke up to a cold, grey, typically English morning. A friend of F's decided to visit, and soon after that the bailiff arrived. He asked F for his rod licence, which I thought he had. He didn't. Long story short: he now has a caution and maybe a very large fine because he neglected to get a new licence for £23. And then he tried to say it would have been better if I wasn't there because he could have lied and given a fake name and address. He apparently thought that I would have said "That's not your name! We don't live there...." and that sort of thing... I had to write a letter today to send to the NRA (rivers, not rifle!!) saying how sorry he is, blah blah blah.

So, we're thinking this is bad, but we'll be ok.

That is when the wallet incident happened!

We looked to see how much money we had, and whether we could actually have any to spend on food, and decided we could sort of afford/sneak around 100 out of the account. I complained about driving into town to the bank and having to find somewhere to park (cos I'm a big ol' biatch), so F said he would go. He cashed a cheque in the bank, went to buy some food, then when he got home he started hunting about and saying he'd lost his wallet. He thought he'd heard someone beep him while he was driving back, but thought nothing of it at the time...

We got into a bit of an argument after that because I believed that even if it was on the road in slow moving rushhour traffic, there are still some good souls in the world who would leave it there. I eventually goaded him into going to look for it. Again, long story short: he came back from driving around only to find that it was on the sofa at home. And neither of us had seen it.

So, there was a slight silver lining to that story after all!

I found a new site today that deserves a look, but it's a little odd. Check it out:

If you have 5 minutes, please mail me because it would cheer me up.

FYI - I hate peeing in woods.

Oh, and "Spare change, anyone??"... I feel so poor.

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