Sunday, April 11, 2004

Work work work work work.

How can it be so boring? Do you eve get to that stage where there is so little to do that you have lost all motivation to go and find something to do? I am like that today, folks.

It's Easter Sunday, and the closest I have gotten to a ny semblage of a Church service is watching something weird on the God channel, and eating half an easter egg. Someone should invent an internet church. That would be cool. You could all conveen at a set time with web cams, or something, and conduct some sort of service over the net. Anyway...

I am currently scoffing lemon mirangue pie, which is part of the leftovers from the sunday dinner made at work. It's pretty good, but a little gooey, and I know that Finton would dispise it, but he is a head chef now, you know.... :) That is so great saying that. I did think that we are pretty lucky the other day. I know we have managed our money badly, but we have both made our way up our career ladders, and we're both still young. Hopefully will mean that we can be our own bosses one day, and make a killing :)

Anyway, enough on that. More pie.

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