Saturday, April 10, 2004

Saw this on _herself_'s site. Can't comment there, so I hope she takes it as a compliment that I want to use it!

[i want]: to be financially solvent
[i wish]: that i could have a baby
[i miss]: my friends from my first year of university
[i fear]: dying
[i know]: that am intelligent about most things, but not about some important things
[i have]: to try and be less lazy
[i hate]: people who drive up right behind you
[i search]: for a "quick fix" in my money situation
[i wonder]: if i will continue to grow up
[i regret]: not keeping in contact with old friends
[i love]: finton
[i care]: what people think of me
[i am]: very emotional
[i cry]: at the sad bits in disney videos
[i do]: very little housework
[i fight]: with finton over stupid things
[i lose]: badly, sometimes
[i confuse]: love with lust (or i used to)
[i need]: to be cajoled into doing the things I should be doing
[i should]: tell my parents i love them, but for some reason i can't say it to their faces

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