Monday, April 26, 2004

OK, my eye is fucked. Sorry, but it is. Firstly (and this a month or two back), I get a "fatty deposit" (Pingueculae) on the conjunctiva (just had to look that up), which is the outer layer covering the eye. These are basically like little fatty spots, but not the pus-filled kind (now, wouldn't that be nice, readers!). So, I'm given "Viscotears" which are a gel/fake tear stuff that you put in your eye to help lube it up. Yup. Fortunately, the pingueculae had almost cleared up and were no bother any more, but last night and tonight my eye is all bloodshot, and it feels like I have an eyelash sticking into it. Have tried the "tears", but they haven't helped much so far. It's OK at the moment, but hopefully it will clear up with a good mornings sleep.

Send good thoughts to my eye please!

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