Thursday, March 25, 2004

OK. Here I am! Sorry for not checking back, but the simple truth is.... I'm lazy. Nothing much has really happened, so there's not much to talk about! My boss left me a message saying he wanted to talk to me and "bounce stuff off me". Does that sound rude to you? It sounded distinctly odd to me! I met up with him today, and what he meant was that he wanted me to do lots of stuff... Ah well! We bitched about the state of the paperwork together, so that was nice :)

I'm still trying to eat my dinner, which is luckily a salad so it can't get much colder... keep getting interrupted!

Having staff bitch at me about other agency staff, which is fun. Can't do much about it!

Still haven't met up with D&S, but will hopefully do so soon. Finton has handed his notice in, so he won't be working with D anymore, anyway!! Such is life...

Comments are good. Yes, comments are nice...


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