Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Where can I get a cheap holiday for 2 nights from Boxing day?! And by cheap, I mean about £1 per person, or thereabouts. All suggestions considered...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I wrote a really long blog the other day, then when I went to post it, it disappeared! I've been a little put off since, so that's my reason for a delay.

As you all know, I'm getting married in 18 months, and I'm really starting to see how difficult it could be. The money is one thing (one HUGE thing), but booking things, inviting people, arranging dresses and flowers. It's such a big undertaking! I'm not worried about pleasing other people, like many worry about, as this is mine and Finton's day so the rest of them can bugger off if they don't like it. I've sketched my dress, planned the cake, know which church and hopefully which reception location (a hotel right on the beach), I've met the vicar with Finton, and I've chosen my "entourage". Not sure what more I can do for the minute that doesn't involve money changing hands.

Still got loads to do in my house. It still isn't finished and it's starting to bug me now. There's no side panel on the bath, the bath itself isn't sealed around the edges, the shower has packed up, the toilet seat is loose (and I think it might be leaking slightly), and there's carpet adhesive all over the tiles on the floor! And that's just one room. Ah, well. After Christmas we can start saving up for the things we need, and hopefully get it all done. Oh, yes. I have no heating apart from an old portable gas heater in my front room! It's getting quite cold now...

OK, I think I should stop moaning now.

I've been playing my worship song CDs recently, after about a year of not listening to them. I just had a hankering to hear the songs again, and it reminds of the good times attending the youth church back at Uni. It's a shame we can't just grab a moment back from time and make it happen again.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I'm sad to say that I have just found out that "Sidsays" who blogged on clearlycalm was not actually in prison for fraud, but was just a big fat liar! I'm actually quite disappointed with this, sadly.

I've been to clearlycalm recently, and it leads to a half-baked website for an RC school in London, strangely. The perpetrator of this weird and annoying "crime" is one Simon Duncan. Can't seem to find much on what happened to the blog site, but I would have loved to have read the posts that outed him as a webdesigner, rather than a prisoner...

On to nicer things:

I've been looking at bridesmaids dresses recently, and I can't believe how expensive they are! If you're looking at dresses that are marketed specifically for "bridesmaids", then the cost is horrendous! I'm going to look for nice dresses on the high street, I think, and most likely in the January sales!

I was inspired to write a list of books that have struck me and stuck to me over the years by Chris over on Witches Blood, and if he doesn't mind, I will recreate the comment I added to his site here as my post. I couldn't believe how hard it was to come up with a list of books that I remembered well, and that affected me in some way, even though I must have read an entire library's worth of books by now. Anyway, my list is below. The sad thing is I got stuck at 8 and had to resort to authors instead...! I may come back to this list at a later date...

1. I know this much is true by Wally Lamb (I am reading it for a 2nd time - it's quite an amazing book)

2. Have spacesuit, Will travel by Robert Heinlein. I can't tell you how many times I have read this...

3. The Business by Iain Banks.

4. Billy by Whitley Streiber. I read this book over 10 years ago, now, and it's stuck with me ever since, although I had to do a really deep search on Amazon to find out the name of the author.

5. Otherworld by ??? Max somebody? There are 3 volumes...!

6. Good Night Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian

7. Cat by Freya North

8. Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes

There are so many books that I have read, but I can't remember most of them! I especially like Marian Keyes, Iain Banks (and his sci-fi alter ego, Iain M. Banks) and Freya North, so I have been a little reticent in picking too many specific books of theirs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well, it's about time I let the 10's of people who occasionally stroll by my site that I am still here and alive! I've been kinda bored with the blogging recently, and also haven't really had the time at work to spare, so hence the lack of blogging.

So, my news. If you're interested...

I'm getting married on the 27th of May 2006 :)
I've applied for a new job - fingers crossed for me?
I have no news! I live a sad life...

So, that's it. Email me if you want to chat! Look at the top of the menu for my address...


Monday, September 13, 2004

Well, it looks like I'm actually going to sell my car! My Dad has kindly agreed to sell me his old car, so I will finally have a comfortable ride. I shall miss my little car, though...

Is it just me, or does anyone else detest the DaddyLongLegs season as much as I do? We're inundated with the annoying buggers over here, and I really hate them. I have to leave the room if they don't settle down! lol

Jumping from one subject to another - I'm searching for inspiration to write a book. I really want to write one, but the setting hasn't yet come to me. Any suggestions, please throw them my way!

Looking for a new job, but don't know where to start. I'm not sure that I want to continue being an Assistant Manager in a care home, but where to go from here?? It's the money that's most important at the moment, unfortunately, and I can't afford to lose any to change careers :(

So, that's my brief update. I'll try and write some more soon! :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sorry for being away for a while, folks, but I'm not sure that I have a large enough audience to actually give me a need to apologise for it! It's been a boring time, with me doing some work, then maybe going to work. Oh, and working too! Fun fun.

Might be getting a promotion at one of my work places, but I'm not sure if it will involve payrise or not! Hope so, or I'm scuppered, seeing as I'll be losing a few hours at my main job :(

So, that's my boring life, I'm afraid. Please feel free to mail me and give me tasks to do that are actually fun! lol

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I've had a strange day today. Woke up at around 6am or so with a blinding headache, so I had to curl up on the sofa (the front room is relatively dark in my house, and the bedroom is full of BRIGHT BRIGHT PAINFUL LIGHT!) with a cold, wet cloth on my forehead. Headache stayed for an hour and a half, the bastard. Felt sicky for a while, but managed to perk up after a shower. Had to drop my car off to get something or other done with some ball bearings in one of the wheels (apparently it was bad...?!), then the dealership dropped me to work with one of their "bus runs".

Unsurprisingly, I was late to work, but spent a relaxing day with the client, and managed to hurt my back doing yoga. The bus was supposed to pick me up from work again at 5, but initially turned up at 4, so I had to tell them to come back. They then didn't turn up again until 5.20, and I was itching to get home so I could sleep before coming to work!

Managed to pick up my car, then get home by 6pm. Went to bed, setting my alarm for 8.30 - time for a quick shower before leaving at 9pm. The next thing I know, it's 9.30pm, and my other half is shaking me, and asking if I was supposed to be in work! I had no idea what day it was, and even thought it was 9.30 in the morning, and couldn't really figure out up from down for a good few minutes. Then it dawned on me that I should have already got to work! Had to call and make my apologies, and arrived 20 minutes late, lacking a shower : (

So, I've had a crazy day, and now I'm waiting impatiently for the time when I can go home and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Only just over 2 hours to go. Few things to do, so I should be able to fill the time : )

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I have never known tiredness quite like what I experience on a waking night. When I long for my bed, and my cats, and my man. When all I can do is count the hours down until I can drive the 20 minutes it takes me to get home. When all I can think is I hate to be here...

Friday, July 23, 2004

Remember that I said I took my DVD player into work on a quiet night recently? Well, when I arrived at work for a morning shift the other day, I was pulled aside and told in no uncertain terms not to it again as I was setting a bad example! A member of the "staff team" had mentioned that I had taken it in.... and I know exactly which pinickity little cow it was, too. I think she may feel a little threatened by me as she used to be the youngest officer, and now I am, at 23. Or maybe she's just a picky cow!!

Pipes are still broken in the bathroom. I have come to the decision that I hate bathrooms. Not for the functionality, oh no. I love the fact that I have a toilet, bath and shower - don't get me wrong. What I hate is the fact that I have to clean it! And it currently looks and absolute state as there is carpet adhesive all over the tiles, the side of the bath is missing, water keeps leaking under the bath, and a pipe is unattached under the sink! Great.

My time here is nearly up. Thank God! Only 2 hours to go, then I can go home to my nice snuggly warm bed. Mmmmmmmmmm.........

Sunday, July 18, 2004

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I've got plenty of things I can be getting on with tonight, but yet I have still brought in my DVD player and loads of DVDs to choose from, so I am not likely to get much work done! I'm going to have to force myself to do something, I suppose.
Does it make any sense that I bought a pair of shorts and a pair of cut off trousers in the same shop (they both fit exactly the same), then when I got them home, the trousers were a bigger size than the shorts?? I don't understand!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

I'm sure I was meant to finish at 4pm yesterday.... I actually got home at 11pm, and had to come back to work for 7am this morning! Bit of crisis with a resident here, vomiting up blood and stuff. You know, the usual...! I had to go after my shift 10 miles to the hospital to pick up the staff member sat with the resident, then sat in traffic for an hour and a half, and got back to the unit at 6pm. I was then rung at 8pm to go back to the unit as the person who had taken over from me had to back up to the hospital and sit with client again - the hospital couldn't cope with him! So, I was at the unit for another 2 hours until 10pm, then I had to take the residents oxygen machine up to the hospital, so I didn't get home until 11pm!! You would have thought that the hospital would be equipped to give this resident the correct levels of oxygen mix themselves, but apparently not...
So, that was my not fun day. How did yours go?!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Sunday, July 04, 2004

We've had some major trouble with the bathroom again recently. It began to smell like an open sewer, and if you've ever visited Exmouth here in the UK and walked along the Estuary whilst the tide is out, you'll be able to mentally smell that smell right now!

We discovered today that the guy who had plumbed in the toilet etc. had not actually done a very good job, to put it mildly. A pipe had come loose under the bath where we had boxed the whole thing in, and then soapy, scummy crap has been gathering under the bath since God knows when! And it smells bad. Well, at least it did until we mopped up a load of the water, and now it doesn't smell quite so bad.

Hopefully it will all dry out, otherwise we'll have to rip up the tiles and be completely back to square one. Yey.

On a lighter note, I have mangaged to give up working with a client I hated working with! Yey!

Send me mails. I need entertaining...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Isn't it always the case that when you are trying to sleep before a waking night that 2 old school friends call you (that you haven't spoken to for years, obviously), and you receive 3 text messages? It seems to be that way with me, anyway!

I spoke to my old school friend Dan today, and I haven't laughed that much in a long time. I love those belly laughs at the expense of school times! I'm meeting up with him tomorrow, but won't be able to stop long, I shouldn't think. We haven't seen each other for about 2 years plus, even though we live about 45 minutes apart! Always the case...

Anyway, I'm taking a breather from doing NVQ paperwork as it is taking forever.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

And England are out.

I can't believe it. I've never really followed any football before, but I have been really into the games this time, and I've been impressed with the skills they all have. I've even been shouting at them through the tv! Well, England got to the end of the game with Portugal, and because it is into the quarter finals we had to go to what I think is called Silver Goal - 15 mins each end, and whoever scores the most wins. But unfortunately we were still level after that extra 30 minutes, so it went to a Penalty shootout! Beckham (and I still can't believe this) MISSED the first shot, but thankfully the other players were up to par, and a player on the other side missed one. So, we were again level after the normal 5 shots each side. So we carried on... and then we missed another, and Portugal scored..... USING THEIR GOALIE!!!! For fucks sake. I mean, is that allowed?! Oh, I don't really want to go home tomorrow because I know that there will lots of debris in the street!

Oh well. That's the name of the game. And I must say that I have enjoyed it thoroughly! (except the losing bit...)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Please look to the right and vote on my new mini poll!
Is it wrong that the new Britney Spears video "Everytime" made me cry?
I can now proudly announce that I am on the editing team for the new e-publishing house called Foot in the Door Press (see Chris's site for more info), and I also proudly display the title of Assistant Editor, which is wicked cool, as you guys across the pond might say.

I'm afraid that there's not much to report in the land of Helen. I've done 2 nights in a row (there's 3.5 hours left of this one), and when I get home tomorrow I am definitely not setting an alarm! I shall rely entirely on my body clock, which will still most likely get me up 6 or 7 hours after I go to sleep - it's so light at the moment.

Got the 3rd England game of the UEFA Euro 2004 championship cup at 7.45pm, playing Croatia. We only have to draw against them to get through to the next round, so cross fingers for us! I'll be watching it in next door's front garden (not in a creepy/stalkery kind of way, where I might peer through their window, but in an "all neighbours come round to watch the game together" kind of way!).

Going back to Foot in the Door, I've been thinking about doing some writing myself as I have always enjoyed it when I have (rarely) had the inspiration to jot something down. But then I remind myself that I have 3 qualifications currently on the go, and I really need to finish them sometime soon! I keep trying to make myself do work towards some of them during my night shifts, but it's too hard. Brain shuts down...

So, life goes on as usual, except with less money.

Friday, June 11, 2004

So. Stuck at work again, and hating every minute of it as usual. I haven't done a night in a while, seeing as I had a whole week (yes, a whole week!) off whilst family were here, and my body is not used to them yet. I have already dozed a little, so I really think I ought to get up and do some sort of work related activity.

Talking of family - you may recall me mentioning that part of the family that came to stay was a lively 1 year old baby girl. And what do babies of one year wear? Nappies. Or diapers. Whatever, and wherever. But anyway - once they had all gone home, Finton was clearing out some rubbish which meant that he had to check inside the large black wheelie bin we have in the back garden. On doing so, he promptly told me not to look in there as it was full of maggots. Yey.

Unfortunately, there weren't just maggots in the bin. They were under the bin too. And under the shed. And it was my job to try and kill them. 3 kettles of boiling water later, and I think most of them had croaked, with the rest wriggling merrily away in front of me. So I got out the hose, and proceeded to stand there for what felt like an hour, hosing those nasty things out from under the shed, and then out from the dip in front of the shed (that was not fun), and then into the outside drain. Maggots hide, so luckily I only have dead ones in my drain, and under my house. All the live ones are still under the shed. So, I shall look forward to the flies.

The moral of the story - use Terries nappies, like all the 80s kids out there.

My god, I am so tired.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I like this spam email - the title made me laugh: razor blade midwives around 6

More later if I have time. Unfortunately I have to do care tonight as we are short on the floor :(

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hello again, I have returned from the void.

We have family staying, so it's been a bit manic for the past week. It's me and Finton, his sister, her partner, their 1 year old baby, and Finton's Mum in my small 2 bedroom house! I love them to bits, though. Molly is the cutest!

They're going home tomorrow, and luckily not till the evening, so we can spend the day doing something nice before they go.

Anyway, I am still here, just a little sporadic at the moment!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Hi! It's been a while, I know, but I'm sure my dedicated readers (ahem...) will be pleased to :)

Got another really odd spam email today, and all it contained was the following text:

A few fetishists, and prime minister around) to arrive at a state of mirroronlookers remain polite.Sometimes bubble bath over hides, but related to pit viper always can be kind to pine cone inside dahlia!Still write a love letter to her from starlet about, give secret financial aid to her coward behind with dust bunny around particle accelerator.Most mastadons believe that judge related to admonish cashier defined by ribbon.Furthermore, defined by paper napkin dies, and minivan over fruit cake fall in love with tenor near.
hubbard nasty pyongyang capacitate ferguson jimenez defy

Which is all very interesting, but...

So, what's new. Nothing much, really. We bought a new sofabed. Crap. As both a sofa, and a bed!

I'm getting all broody again, and also marriage-y (there must be a word for that). I need coping strategies, people!

I'm afraid that I'm pretty whacked out at the moment. What an odd expression - just thought I'd use it to see how it worked. And it doesn't, does it?! Never mind. I'm tired, and I want my bed (stamps foot).

Friday, May 14, 2004

my little pony
You're My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
And just as I was getting used to the old layout, they go and change it all.

Things are looking up work-wise. I've been offered extra shifts on a semi-permanent basis, so that's more money for me. Plus F and his chef-y crew are pretty excited about the new kitchen, and can't stop talking about it, except after they are all particularly stoned and watching a Floyd DVD...

Unfortunately, F seems to be facing a court summons over the fishing licence fiasco, so thats fun. I don't even want to think about it.

And I have an office! We changed the spare room from a museum of collected bits and bobs of F's, to a nice blue oasis of calm for me and my computer. I have a phone up there, and my big old book case, plus the fish tanks, so it's pretty relaxing. Plus I can look out of the window, which I couldn't do before...

Anyway, enough chitchat. Mail me, comment on me, whatever. Just say something!!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hi again.

I have request. It's a little out there, but if you don't ask, you don't get, right?

My Mum is running the "Race for Life" for Cancer Research UK on the 11th of July, and I'm basically asking if anyone out there would be kind enough to sponsor her? I have a paypal account, so if you're out across the waves, then no worries (and I would make up the amount that paypal charges to transfer the money...). My email to paypal is Also, I'll be there on the day and make sure that I get photos to prove she did it!! It was just a thought to reach out the dozens of people who read my site :) If you can sponsor her, then please email me with your full name and amount, and I will add you to the form.

Please don't feel pressured - it's just a sideline request!

Anyway, catch you later!!
Another cool website to take a look at: Found Magazine
OK, feeling better now!

Ironically, my mother lost her purse the other day too, but later found it at the end of her bed (under the covers)! Very strange...

Thankfully, Finton has now been offered another job, and it's through the chef he used to work with. The executive chef decided to move to a different place, and said he would provide a new team, and offered F a place. So, all is well. Except that he won't be starting for quite a while!

I was recently thinking about stuff that I say far too much, and I thought I would try to write a list...

No problem!
...and that would be great.

I'll have to think about this a bit more, but I'm sure there were more than that! Does anyone else have things they say far too much that they are consciously aware of??

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

So, lots to post, but not sure if my mind can cope with it all. I didn't get any sleep before coming to work, and now I can't concentrate on anything, or even type properly.

Before I get into anything major, the reason I have a guestbook/map is so I can have a record of everyone who visits in one place, and not have to look all through old comments! That is in answer to kid b...


We decided to go camping over bank holiday weekend after I finished work Sunday morning, and when we got there the weather was fab. F was fishing, and I just laid by the edge of a reservoir, smoking lots of pot. And strangely, I liked it much more than smoking indoors. Weird.

We decided to build a fire, and F went off to chop down lots of wood with a small knife, gaining a large blister in the process! We made fire. And it was good. I like fire! We then cooked bacon on the fire, and had yummy bacon sarnies at around 2am :)

Anyway, after a really crappy, cold, uncomfortable night, we woke up to a cold, grey, typically English morning. A friend of F's decided to visit, and soon after that the bailiff arrived. He asked F for his rod licence, which I thought he had. He didn't. Long story short: he now has a caution and maybe a very large fine because he neglected to get a new licence for £23. And then he tried to say it would have been better if I wasn't there because he could have lied and given a fake name and address. He apparently thought that I would have said "That's not your name! We don't live there...." and that sort of thing... I had to write a letter today to send to the NRA (rivers, not rifle!!) saying how sorry he is, blah blah blah.

So, we're thinking this is bad, but we'll be ok.

That is when the wallet incident happened!

We looked to see how much money we had, and whether we could actually have any to spend on food, and decided we could sort of afford/sneak around 100 out of the account. I complained about driving into town to the bank and having to find somewhere to park (cos I'm a big ol' biatch), so F said he would go. He cashed a cheque in the bank, went to buy some food, then when he got home he started hunting about and saying he'd lost his wallet. He thought he'd heard someone beep him while he was driving back, but thought nothing of it at the time...

We got into a bit of an argument after that because I believed that even if it was on the road in slow moving rushhour traffic, there are still some good souls in the world who would leave it there. I eventually goaded him into going to look for it. Again, long story short: he came back from driving around only to find that it was on the sofa at home. And neither of us had seen it.

So, there was a slight silver lining to that story after all!

I found a new site today that deserves a look, but it's a little odd. Check it out:

If you have 5 minutes, please mail me because it would cheer me up.

FYI - I hate peeing in woods.

Oh, and "Spare change, anyone??"... I feel so poor.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

OK, so I lied. No large (or long) post here!

Although I may just give a small update on things...

Finton has been made redundant, but his boss won't admit that he is being fired due to a technical squabble over whether the months trial lasted 4 weeks exactly, or is from the 7th to the 7th. Make sense?? Nigel (the wank-bastard boss) is refusing to keep Finton on because "you don't get on with my wife and I'm not prepared to work in that kind of atmosphere". I may be paraphrasing, but that's basically what he said. Hmmm......... slightly dodgy??

Also, I've had to do hands on care tonight (as opposed to just paperwork) because we're down by one night staff. And it sucks. That is why I gave care up in the first place!!

Anyway, SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. I shall leave on that upbeat note :)
So, why haven't all of your signed my guestbook?! I'm very upset :(

Bored at work again, but will write a longer one later tonight!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I've put a new guestbook on my site, so please sign that if you can't sign the guestmap :) Or you could just sign it anyway! I don't mind...

Also, please sign up with using the button in the sidebar which says something about free webtools cos I get paid if you do! It's pretty cool and you get lots of free things for your websites, so go ahead and sign up :)

Anyway, thats it for now, and I'll catch you all with a longer post later.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hey people. Just found out why the guest map might not work for some. If you have a firewall, or an old version of a browser then you can't sign it... sorry! I'll have to get some other guest book up and running instead :)

Please sign it if you can!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Please please please go and sign my guest map!! ---->
OK, my eye is fucked. Sorry, but it is. Firstly (and this a month or two back), I get a "fatty deposit" (Pingueculae) on the conjunctiva (just had to look that up), which is the outer layer covering the eye. These are basically like little fatty spots, but not the pus-filled kind (now, wouldn't that be nice, readers!). So, I'm given "Viscotears" which are a gel/fake tear stuff that you put in your eye to help lube it up. Yup. Fortunately, the pingueculae had almost cleared up and were no bother any more, but last night and tonight my eye is all bloodshot, and it feels like I have an eyelash sticking into it. Have tried the "tears", but they haven't helped much so far. It's OK at the moment, but hopefully it will clear up with a good mornings sleep.

Send good thoughts to my eye please!
This is so majorly majorly sad. Hover over each picture for the commentary.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Work again, but I've been really good and got nearly all my work out of the way straight away, so there's not so much to do when my brain can't function! The asbestos tent has gone, but they're still working on it...

Not much to report other than I made cookies :) Oh, and I think we may be moving to America... where's nice, people??
OK, I have stumbled onto a very weird site. It's called Mind Control Forum, and it is written by people who seriously believe that they have implants, and are in some way controlled by the government etc. making their lives a misery. To be honest, it sounds many major cases of paranoid schizophrenia, but you should go read it for yourself. I sincerely hope these people get help one day.
Hello again.

I'm back at stinky old work, and I am so tired. I have some work I should do, but that will be it. I can't really even summon up the energy to do that. It is 2.17am, and I can (hopefully) go home at 7am or so. That is a long time away. Both the night staff were sound asleep when I checked, and I really should wake them up because they could get fired for sleeping on the job if one of the bosses actually came in and caught them at it. I am jealous cos I want to be asleep. Right now. But I can't. Poo.

On a lighter note, try to fool the computer! It's actually pretty accurate!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Would you be worried if you rolled up to work, only to find a big white tent inside, with the following sign on it??

Danger Asbestos!

No access for unauthorised persons

Respiratory equipment must be worn

Safety equipment must be worn
I've found some new sites that are definitely worth looking at, and gave me a good old belly laugh! You need to really check out all the pranks at Also, take a look at, cos that's a good laugh too! I've added them to the side bar for easy viewing pleasure :) enjoy!
I'm testing out the new mail service from Google, so please do mail me and give it a whirl! silly rabbit

Thursday, April 22, 2004

It's a perfect evening for a drink or 3 in pub garden, but guess where I am! Working as usual... The sky is blue, it's warm, and the sun is just starting to set, so I can just imagine sitting by a river somewhere with a cold pint of cidar, and watching the world go by. Oh, that would be nice.

Decided to phone in sick for one of my shifts so I could actually go to the dentist, otherwise I don't think I would have ever gone. Ended up with, surprise surprise, amoxycillin for 5 days. Lump is in retreat! Dentist said that if it flares up again within the next year, the tooth will have to be taken out! Ouch.

Still waiting for my sofa.

Does anyone want to send me some money? That would be nice.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Found it! Have also remembered I have to order a sofa...
Where has my publish button gone?
Check out this new blog I found!
Hi! Back again, planning a crazy 'ole night here at work. I still have toothache, and I really couldn't get myself in gear this afternoon when I woke up. The dental surgery I can attend at the local hospital only opens until 3.30, and I got up at 2 because of being awake all night, and then didn't really want to rush. I think they might be open on a saturday, but I doubt I will make it tomorrow either!

Does anyone know of any sites that offer things to use within blog templates? Not sure where to look, and I'm sure some of you more technically minded people could point me in the right direction...

I have just watched a movie called Office Space. It was shit. Don't watch it.

Friday, April 16, 2004

I have tooth ache. More precisely, I have gum ache, all around my bottom left wisdom tooth. Here in the UK, we have the NHS, which means as long as you pay your national insurance through your wages, you get free health care (or pretty reduced, anyway). Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of dentist activity in this area, and you couldn't get on the books of one even if you bribed him (or her) with a bar of chocolate, or something. I looked up all the local dentists on the net, and they all say, bar one, that they are not taking on new NHS patients. In red letters.

Fortunately, I can drop into the big hospital round the corner and they will treat me, but not register me. That will do me fine, thank you! Just need some antibiotics, and I'll be on my merry way. No fillings or extractions for me, thank you.

Also, I really really really want to go home right now. I have this insane feeling that I am missing Finton like crazy, and I just want to hold him. Stupid movie, making me want to cry.
Hey, it's compliment time! For me, anyway...

Was told that the 2 nightstaff here think the other managers should be more like me - laid back and not so stressed! Cheered me up :)

Have just finished watching Love Actually, and it's a lovely film. Very well written, and almost made me cry at some points too, so it must be good!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

"Borrowed" this from taryn who, also, stole it from someone else! Well, I like these sort of things, sorry!!

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4, write down what it says:
OK, there is absolutely nothing on page 18....!

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
Printer. This question doesn't actually make sense - stretch my arm out as far as I can, then what can I touch first?? Hmmm...

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
The Box music channel

4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
I think I can hear a slight roaring from the crappy heating system here. Otherwise, not a peep.

7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing?
I "stepped outside" a)leaving my house to go to my car, and b)leaving my car to get inside work. Yey.

8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
Well, I was looking at my own blogsite, and following all my links to check up on everyone, kinda like a spy :)

9. What are you wearing?
Black/greying jeans with extremely frayed hems, longsleeve blue top with St George flag on the front and a red dragon on the back (produced a major England football game. No idea which!), and trainers.

10. Did you dream last night?
Not sure. I keep having those dreams that sort of melt away as you try to remember them recently.

11. When did you last laugh?
When I was talking to the night staff here, about 20 mins ago.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Old yellow paint. Notice boards. Lots of paper. Thats about it.

13. Seen anything weird lately?
An unusual amount of roadkill badgers.

14. What is the last film you saw?
Not sure... I watch odd old films at night when I'm working here. Going to watch Love Actually in about 10 minutes, though!

15. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Yes, if I could get the courage up. Would like to live somewhere that isn't associated with greyness, or rain.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Work work work work work.

How can it be so boring? Do you eve get to that stage where there is so little to do that you have lost all motivation to go and find something to do? I am like that today, folks.

It's Easter Sunday, and the closest I have gotten to a ny semblage of a Church service is watching something weird on the God channel, and eating half an easter egg. Someone should invent an internet church. That would be cool. You could all conveen at a set time with web cams, or something, and conduct some sort of service over the net. Anyway...

I am currently scoffing lemon mirangue pie, which is part of the leftovers from the sunday dinner made at work. It's pretty good, but a little gooey, and I know that Finton would dispise it, but he is a head chef now, you know.... :) That is so great saying that. I did think that we are pretty lucky the other day. I know we have managed our money badly, but we have both made our way up our career ladders, and we're both still young. Hopefully will mean that we can be our own bosses one day, and make a killing :)

Anyway, enough on that. More pie.

Saturday, April 10, 2004


is a Collosal Mecha-Ape that spins Vast Webs, and enjoys Climbing Buildings.

Strength: 10 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 4

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Helen, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Helen using
Here's another one of those quickie's from Doc.

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Helen's Lurgy
Cause:a blow to the head
Symptoms:bleeding gums, occasional loss of dress sense, dry eyes
Cure:infect someone else
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:
That last point in the previous post is actually something that occured to me whilst writing it, but is not one that I've thought about properly before: the fact that I love my parents dearly, but I feel so uncomfortable hugging/kissing them, and I can't say I love them to their faces. I have no idea why this has come about, and it's a strange thing really. I don't know what else to say on that...
Saw this on _herself_'s site. Can't comment there, so I hope she takes it as a compliment that I want to use it!

[i want]: to be financially solvent
[i wish]: that i could have a baby
[i miss]: my friends from my first year of university
[i fear]: dying
[i know]: that am intelligent about most things, but not about some important things
[i have]: to try and be less lazy
[i hate]: people who drive up right behind you
[i search]: for a "quick fix" in my money situation
[i wonder]: if i will continue to grow up
[i regret]: not keeping in contact with old friends
[i love]: finton
[i care]: what people think of me
[i am]: very emotional
[i cry]: at the sad bits in disney videos
[i do]: very little housework
[i fight]: with finton over stupid things
[i lose]: badly, sometimes
[i confuse]: love with lust (or i used to)
[i need]: to be cajoled into doing the things I should be doing
[i should]: tell my parents i love them, but for some reason i can't say it to their faces

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I have recieved an email with the following as text (make of it what you will!):

But they need to remember how single-handledly swamp for paper napkin ruminates.globule defined by scythe hides, and toward freight train goes to sleep; however, turkey toward make a truce with..cough syrup over omphalos is Eurasian.And tr to seduce the dark side of her stalactite.
killdeer rakish tousle canton

lunatic of earns frequent flier miles, and ribbon related to cigar strokes; however, inside industrial complex share a shower with..
hydrophilic peking woven kneel bureaucratic teheran successor coworker

Found another blog of note! Added to the sidebar, as usual. I'm at work, but to break the monotony, I'm doing a dayshift! Have managed so far to have a wheelchair race, to be given a wedgie, and lock a client out of the building. It's so much fun when your a manager!

The minibus broke down, so I called out the engineer. He was a bit of a paradox, actually - ginger, but cute! Couldn't figure that one out... lol

Everyone must come back here and tell me how many eggs they have eaten on easter sunday. I want to hear details people, details! And don't forget to think of Jesus while you are stuffing your faces with chocolate.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I have a new way of wasting time on my nights - reading lots of blogs! I have put lots and lots in the sidebar :)

Another way to waste time is to watch Disney movies. Sorry, I'm getting all "Americanised". Is that a word? What I should have said was "Disney films", or I will confuse myself. Note to self: when writing colour, never foget the U.

Anway, back to Disney FILMS. I watched Dinosaur tonight, and it was pretty cool. There I go again. I liked it, anyway! Almost made me cry, so thats good. It's a sign of a good film if it almost and/or makes me cry :)

It's time to finish up my work now. I can go in about 1 hour!! YEY!!!!!
Do you ever get that "my mouth's so sticky and gummy I can hardly swallow" feeling? Well, I have it right now! For some reason, being awake all night makes me go all gummy, and also my hands smell odd. Can't quite figure that one out yet.

Chris - I read all about Dean, and you're right. He is very odd! I honestly thought there was some sort of history there...! Oh, and about the whole text size thing (just been back to sugary abuse!), if you have Windoze, then go to View-->Text Size-->Largest. Worked for me, and I could then read Wicked Fairy. Or do you yanks have something different? lol! It's a lot easier than actually hunting for some programme...

I'm adding some more links to the sidebar, cos they're cool!
Check out the meme I made!

Your job prospects! by superpsych
Your name
Why will you leave your current job?It was you over-looking that memo re "Dress down Friday", and a certain incident with a peephole bra and a particularly thin shirt on the newly named "Water fight Friday".
When will you leave?June 17, 2017
What will your next job be?Collector of Waste from the chemical toilets hired out to festivals. Yum.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Chris! Look to your right ----> and you will see I have done as I promised :)

I'm at work again, and I decided I really do HATE these waking nights. How anyone chooses to do them is beyond me, really it is.

Why does work always have to be about bitchin', and lacking vital stuff, and crap? I need a new job, and as soon as I have finished my training here, I'll be off! Me and F are planning on having our own place one day (work, not home - we already have one of those!), and so far the choices are a) a self suficient farm, b) a small restaurant, or c) the favourite at the moment - some land with carp ponds on. Doesn't sound very exciting, I know, but we like the idea :)

I really love the fact that other people have come over to my site! Nice to know that I'm read :) Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read my little bloggie and to comment.

Anyway, more later, most likely!

Just been over to Doc the Weasel's site and seen his new quickie quiz, which I just had to pilfer! Made me chuckle :)

What Annoying Celebrity are YOU Destined to Kill? by tiffeh
You will killO.J. Simpsonn
Witha handgun
OnAugust 22, 2026
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

So, in conclusion for the night (cos I think I have actually damanged my eyes now), I will go get some food, and then watch the tv, and probably do some work at some point! Please comment, you know you want to! :)
This is stolen from a site which stole it from a site which I believe stole it from another site, so what's the point in saying where it came from?! It really makes you think... Well, I will admit that I took it from speakmemory!! (Just so I don't get told off!)


1. spiders and insects
2. people walking behind me
3. death

1. Chris
2. London
3. Finton

1. Reading
2. My cats
3. Charmed!

1. Mushrooms
2. Being late
3. Waking nights

1. People who get up at 6am out of choice.
2. People who can eat mushrooms
3. People who like cleaning

1. Empty mug
2. My mobile
3. HUGE bunch of keys

1. Avoiding work during my waking night
2. Applying to be an editor at Open Directory
3. Wishing I was in bed

1. Have a baby
2. Go to Australia
3. Become expert in any subject

1. Whistle with my fingers in my mouth
2. Play the Cello (sorta)
3. Block out everything but the book I am reading

1. Emotional
2. Shy
3. Friendly

1. Navigate when I am driving
2. Speak Italian
3. Touch frosted glass

1. Maroon5's "Songs about Jane"
2. Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"
3. Vaughan Williams' "Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis"

1. Political talk shows
2. Harry Hill trying to be funny
3. An animal in pain

1. Any sort of creamy risotto, minus mushrooms!
2. A burger from the takeaway down the road - 1/2lb with cheese, lettuce, onions and mayo.
3. Chicken Supernoodles

1. Alto Sax
2. Italian
3. How to astral project

1. Tea, white, 2 sugars
2. Apple juice
3. Blackcurrant squash

1. Thundercats
2. Fraggle Rock
3. Danger Mouse

Discovered a new blog, which is pretty cool. Check Julie out!
As you will see, I have added a little (or large) section to the right which has bits and bobs about me, so you can all get a fuller picture :) Saw this on a couple of people's pages, and thought I would try the same thing. I'll have to make it interesting reading!

I'm curious to know how well the show "Charmed" is known on the other side of the pond. I've been inroduced to it by a friend since it arrived over here in the UK, and I think I am now addicted to it. Unfortunately, I have managed to miss every one of the episodes in the new series so far. I'm still catching up with the old ones on the Living channel!

One of the clients here has been given a wristband communicator - essentially looks like a big watch, but has 4 recordable buttons on it that you can record words onto. This should help her when she goes out, in asking for things. She can talk, don't get me wrong, but she has the mentality of a 4 yeard old (she's 28). This means that if asked who she loves, she says "David Beckham!" about 50 times. Then she might say "David mine, David marry me!". She's very sweet, but I can't see how recording words on this wrist band thingy is going to help.

Also, no one has managed to work out how to record on it yet... except for me! ha ha ha :) I am trying to think of good things to say on it as no one will be able to change them! So far, I have recorded one thing: "Do you like scary movies?", and it came out remarkably like the voice changer that is used in Scream! Made me laugh, anyway! I'm still thinking on the other 3...

Polos. I'm eating a helluva lot of them at the moment. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but 2 packets is more than the none I was eating before!
Got this from Unconscious Mutterings.

The idea is that you get the list of words and then type the first word that comes into your head. Very Freudian! Pleas link to them if you use it :)

  1. Pitbull:: mental
  2. TD:: No idea what this is!
  3. Carter:: Bush
  4. Japan:: Pearl Harbour
  5. 50:: cents
  6. Streak:: blonde
  7. Rifle:: scope
  8. Trap:: mouse
  9. Easter:: Christ
  10. Mitt:: Glove

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just to let you know that I am still here but lacking in time! I will write more when I'm able :)


Monday, March 29, 2004

Come and become a VAMPIRE!
Complaint time...

I work with one particular person here who is one of the night carers. Ever since I've been on waking nights, we've always sat and watched a couple of films to pass the time. Every time we watch a film in the lounge, she falls asleep. Every time! And the other carer always seems to pretend that they don't know she is asleep, and coughs or makes a noise to wake her up. In fact, she's asleep as I write this!

When she does wake up, she'll most likely say "That film was really weird. Couldn't follow it at all."

It wouldn't be so bad, but I hate the sound of snoring - it's one of those noises that really grates on my nerves. And guess what? She snores!! I'm really tempted to go and set off one of the call bells just so she has to wake up and do something. It's not like I want to be awake or anything, so why should she be?!!

OK. Complaint over :)
I'm trying to get rid of the gap between "My favourite links" and the actual links, but I'm not sure what to remove int he HTML code. Anyone got any ideas? Started fiddling with the template, and I want it to look nice! :)
I was looking after a client the other day, and he has a pet rat. He shouldn't actually have this rat, and now he's being evicted from his flat his rat is going to be fostered... but that's a whole different blog.

Anyway, I held this rat the other day, and it was lovely. Cos I don't mind rats, you see. Well, the domestic kind, not the rabid kind! So, when I went in recently, I said "Hello" to the rat, and went to stroke him when he bit the end of my finger! It hurt so much, it was unreal. Has stopped hurting today, but I have 2 razor like cuts in my finger...

And the rats name was...?


Sunday, March 28, 2004

For all you 60s, 70s and 80s kids out there, I was sent this a while back, and it made me chuckle. Hope it does the same for you! Quick note though, it's British based, but will probably raise a smile all the same :)

According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 60's, 70's and early 80's probably shouldn't have survived, because our baby cots were covered with brightly coloured lead-based paint which was promptly chewed and licked. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, or latches on doors or cabinets and it was fine to play with pans. When we rode our bikes, we wore no helmets, just flip flops and fluorescent 'spokey dokey's'on our wheels. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or airbags - riding in the passenger seat was a treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle and it tasted the same.

We ate chips, bread and butter pudding and drank fizzy pop with sugar in it, but we were never overweight because we were always outside playing.

We shared one drink with four friends, from one bottle or can and no-one actually died from this.

We would spend hours building go-carts out of scraps and then went top speed down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into stinging nettles a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We would leave home in the morning and could play all day, as long as we were back before it got dark. No one was able to reach us and no one minded.

We did not have Play stations or X-Boxes, no video games at all. No 99 channels on TV, no videotape movies, no surround sound, no mobile phones, no personal computers, and no Internet chat rooms. We had friends we went outside and found them.

We played elastics and street rounders, and sometimes that ball really hurt.

We fell out of trees, got cut and broke bones but there were no law suits.

We had full on fist fights but no prosecution followed from other parents.

We played knock-and-run and were actually afraid of the owners catching us.

We walked to friend's homes.

We also, believe it or not, WALKED to school; we didn't rely on mummy or daddy to drive us to school, which was just round the corner.

We made up games with sticks and tennis balls.

We rode bikes in packs of 7 and wore our coats by only the hood.

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke a law unheard of. They actually sided with the law.

This generation has produced some of the best risk-takers and problem solvers and inventors, ever. The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all.

And you're one of them. Congratulations!

Pass this on to others who have had the luck to grow as real kids, before lawyers and government regulated our lives, for our own good.

For those of you who aren't old enough thought you might like to read about us.

This my friends, is surprisingly frightening......and it might put a smile on your face: The majority of students in universities today were born in 1985........They are called youth.

They have never heard of We are the World, We are the children, and the Uptown Girl they know is by Westlife not Billy Joel.

They have never heard of Rick Astley, Bananarama, Nena or Belinda Carlisle.

For them, there has always been only one Germany and one Vietnam.

AIDS has existed since they were born.

CD's have existed since they were born.

Michael Jackson has always been white.

To them John Travolta has always been round in shape and they can't imagine how this fat guy could be a god of dance.

They believe that Charlie's Angels and Mission Impossible are Films from last year.

They can never imagine life before computers.

They'll never have pretended to be the A Team, RedHand Gang or the Famous Five.

They can't believe a black and white television ever existed and don't even know how to switch on a TV without a remote control.

And they will never understand how we could leave the house without a mobile phone.

Now let's check if we're getting old...
1. You understand what was written above and you smile.
2. You need to sleep more, usually until the afternoon, after a night out.
3. Your friends are getting married/already married.
4. You are always surprised to see small children playing comfortably with computers.
5. When you see teenagers with mobile phones, you shake your head.
6. You meet your friends from time to time, talking about the good old days, repeating again all the fun you have experienced together.
7. Having read this mail, you are thinking of forwarding it to some other friends because you think they will like it too...
Yes, you're getting older!!
2 things before I forget:

1) I'm working with a woman tonight who said that there seem to be a lot of "gays" around at the moment... she then went on the say "It must be a trend or something"!!! Also asked the question: "Why do you think Will Young is gay?" I had to get her to repeat the question twice because I thought I had misheard...

2) On a lighter note to end this night of blogging: If I want to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet I'll put shoes on my cat!

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time x

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Just thought I'd write a little today. Strangley, this isn't reflective of my current mood... but of a mood I fall into occasionally. No idea for a title, as I haven't really thought about it! Any ideas would be welcomed :)

happy sad happy sad
which am i today?
maybe i'll wallow a while
in my sadness
before i have to join the rest of the world
in the fight to
not today
Right, I'll stop posting silly things now! I'm at work, but it's pretty quiet so far. The great thing is that the clocks go forward tonight, so I'll have one LESS hour to work! Yey! And I'm salaried so I won't lose out on pay. :)

I tried to sleep before I came to work, but had no luck at all. Hoping that I won't doze off while I'm here! Looking forward to my bed :)

Silly rabbit... I love that so much! Thanks to London for this :)

I've got an old diary at home (calender style) which I wrote a poem in whilst on the train one time. I'll have to dig it out cos I'd like to share it with you all. Look out for it if I can remember to look for it! lol
I will have to direct you all to The Spark website. I forgot how funny it is, and when I used to read the articles and the "experiments" I would actually cry with laughter! BTW it's a bit odd and rude, but you'll get used to it! lol
Again, and interesting one! I thank Doc the Weasel for these :)

What kith are you? Find out here.

Ok, this is odd, but kinda fun!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, skulking through the fields! It is Helen, hands clutching a sharpened screwdriver! She bellows homicidally:

"I'm going to punch you so utterly, you'll reincarnate as an X-file!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

Friday, March 26, 2004

Very excitingly I have just eaten cold onion quiche and spaghetti hoops. Yes, you guessed it... I'm at work! That is quality residential home food for you. Although, it wasn't all that bad really, I'm just bitchin'!

Very bored now. Have commented on some of your blogs my dears... please race back to do the same! Can't think of anything else at the mo, but I will pop back if I do :)

Thursday, March 25, 2004

OK. Here I am! Sorry for not checking back, but the simple truth is.... I'm lazy. Nothing much has really happened, so there's not much to talk about! My boss left me a message saying he wanted to talk to me and "bounce stuff off me". Does that sound rude to you? It sounded distinctly odd to me! I met up with him today, and what he meant was that he wanted me to do lots of stuff... Ah well! We bitched about the state of the paperwork together, so that was nice :)

I'm still trying to eat my dinner, which is luckily a salad so it can't get much colder... keep getting interrupted!

Having staff bitch at me about other agency staff, which is fun. Can't do much about it!

Still haven't met up with D&S, but will hopefully do so soon. Finton has handed his notice in, so he won't be working with D anymore, anyway!! Such is life...

Comments are good. Yes, comments are nice...


Sunday, March 14, 2004

Have now added the comments button, so please do drop me a line!
I have a dilemna. I have 2 friends who are married. The male (D) has had a one night stand, and the female (S) doesn't have a clue. Me and Finton (my fiance) know about it, but what do I say? How do I act? S would be so hurt if she found out, and she doesn't deserve that. I know he's done it before as well, so this really compounds the issue. How can he be so nice to her, then go off behind her back to screw some bit of skirt that means nothing?? I don't understand how people can work sometimes.

When I met Finton I was with someone else. I was with him for a total of 2 weeks, and towards the end of that time I realised that I wanted to be with Finton and not with a weirdo freak. He was 24 and I was his first girlfriend. SO sad, so sad. Anyway, I did the dirty on him, and then finished with him. So I have been in a similar situation, but I certainly knew where I stood and that I didn't want to be with the first guy. Incidentally, I think I chose the right man as we have now been together 3 years, and we're hopefully getting married next year some time.

So I still don't know what to do about D & S. S wants to us to all meet up again like we were, and I really want to do this because I don't actually have many friends that I can hang out with. But, how do I put D's issues to the back of my mind? I know they are not my issues, but I believe he has made them partly mine just by acting the way he did!!

Oh, I don't know. I suppose I should go and do some work now, seeing as I am doing this in work time!
Hey. I've been reading some other blogs, and have come to the decision that instead of blogging on a site where it is all about debating and commenting on other people's blogs to get points, I want to write on here for myself. It's nice to get comments, don't get me wrong, but I don't want the competition so much, you know? It seems much more peaceful here! I suppose I'll just be talking about my day, and writing whatever comes into my mind. I won't be able to write every day, but I will when I can.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

So, this is my first post here. Just going to try and get a hang of the site, and will write more when I have done a tour...